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Since 1986 our company has the international Demeter hallmark for biodynamic agricultural certification, as well as the certification done by national biological control authorities. Double control, double certification.

Biodynamic Certification

For over half a century, the international Demeter hallmark has guaranteed around the world the correct application of the biodynamic principles to farming and food production. Checks on compliance with these principles and procedures are constantly carried out.

CCPB | Control and organic certification

The sector of organic production is growing worldwide. Biodiversity, protection of environmental resources, nutritional well-being, quality of life and sustainability are values ​​that are spreading and  assuming an increasingly important role due to the quality of the certification and control. CCPB Srl has gained strong credibility in 25 years of activity, and is in a position to certify organic products for the most diverse variety of domestic and international markets.

European Organic certification

The EU organic farming logo certifies organic products in the EU.  Organic farming is an agricultural production system that seeks to provide consumers with fresh, authentic and tasty produce, while respecting the cycle of nature. The presence of the product logo gives consumers confidence in the product’s origin and quality, as it ensures compliance with the EU Regulations on organic farming.

Swiss Organic Certification

BioSuisse has developed specific guidelines for organic production in the Swiss market.  Gemma, hallmark of Swiss organic producers and their bio products, guarantees compliance with the BioSuisse guidelines and directives, ensuring very high organic production standards across the farm and in the upstream and downstream processes.

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