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Biodynamic: How we grow our products

Our land and products are not treated with any chemical or fertilizer products, not even with those allowed by the organic farming laws.

We use minimal processing in our cultivation practices but frequently use green manure*, fertilizing only with the use of biodynamic preparations 500 and 501. The purpose is to obtain a high quality production, combining both respect for environment and consumer.  For over 30 years we have chosen the biodynamic method to recover the productivity of our land and restore the balance between soil and presence of crop damaging pests.

The result is healthy, tasty and even beautiful products.

* Green manure is a farming practice that serves to improve the soil structure and increase the organic substance. A dozen different species of herbaceous plants are sown (grasses, “brassicas” and legumes) to let them grow. The roots improve their structure in the soil.  As flowering starts, the soil is chopped and after "scratching" it superficially, in the afternoon hours when there is a high degree of humidity, horn manure 500 is spread.

Agricola Ceglia | Biodinamici da più di 30 anni

Agricola Ceglia | Biodinamici dal 1986


Wherever we  till the land in the world  we can use biodynamic farming systems.  

We have to respect the biological laws of the land which are still largely unknown.

We must heal the earth as mankind has strained the agricultural territory over the last 50 years by applying conventional agronomy.  

We human beings have not understood that we should not fight nature by following the laws dictated by the mechanistic science linked to agribusiness.

In 1924 Rudolf Steiner gave a new impulse to replace the chemical farming method, which was expanding at that moment. He gave us the tools to understand and take action in full respect of  nature’s wisdom and the mechanisms that have existed for thousands of years.

Today these tools consist in the Biodynamic farming method.

Carlo Noro

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