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Agricola Biodinamica Ceglia

I Kiwi biodinamici dell'Azienda Agricola Ceglia
olio extra vergine di oliva

The quality of the soil.

As a proof of the importance that quality plays in our production processes, our company underwent a number of  international and Italian quality certifications.
Since 1986 our firm has the international Demeter hallmark for biodynamic certification.

Kiwi, grapes and olive oil

The Ceglia farm produces green Hayward and Bruno kiwis, known by the brand “AngelKiwi”,  grown with the biodynamic method, to guarantee the best quality in full respect of nature. The farm also specializes in the production of biological grapes for children’s fruit juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Uva biodinamica - Agricola Ceglia
uliveto biodinamico

"The soil sings" ... why would our soil sing”?


Because it was ill and intoxicated by the use of  so many chemical fertilizers and we managed to heal it!



Because it was battered by heavy and intrusive processing, whereas now we treat it as if it were our skin: light processing and only if necessary, and most of all, never working the bare land, but always cover it with fresh moist and nutritious grassy meadows!


Because it was sad and miserable, produced bad fruit and was attacked by all kinds of mold and parasitic diseases that you had to fight with pesticides.

But now cultivating our land with the biodynamic method, it is in very good shape and produces not only healthy and tasteful, but also ...  beautiful fruit!

 ... And now our land feels it is loved!  It is my “mother earth”!

Angelina Ceglia

Cartello ingresso azienda agricola Ceglia

Il metodo biodinamico

The biodynamic method aims at a totally natural agriculture, where soil fertility is achieved without the use of chemical agents, but with cultivation techniques which exploit crop rotation and plant fertilizers.


Biodynamic farming has the advantage

of having a more than 80 years’  history of research, pioneers, farmers, scholars and enthusiastic people at all levels.

The ultimate goal is to be able to produce food suitable for  humanity in an ever changing global environment: being able to take care of the earth for the care of humankind and vice versa.

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